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Stress, Thyroid, Adrenal Program


In functional medicine we call the adrenals and thyroid “sentinel organs.” Sentinel as in the sentinel guards patrolling a castle. When the castle gets attacked, which are the first defenders to get killed? Yep, the sentinel guards.

It is the same with you. When you are under stress, exposed to toxins, over exercised, under or over fed, sleep deprived or when your immune system is challenged, the adrenal and thyroid glands are the first organs to feel it and be negatively impacted.

And then you will suffer with mood issues (depression and/or anxiety), lethargy, brain fog, aches, pains, weight changes and metabolic damage. When the hormonal system becomes damaged due to unrelenting chronic stress, the metabolism also no longer works correctly. 

This program is designed to help you identify and correct these issues.  It is built on the concept of “structured-flexibility”. The Quick Start Manual provides the detailed diet, exercise & supplement education of exactly how to start (structure), while the video education provides the knowledge and resources to tweak and adjust the approach to fit your individual needs (flexibility).

This program is an educational program only. You are required to be under the care of a primary care physician. Please do not attempt any changes in diet, exercise or supplements without first consulting with your physician. It is a stand-alone education and does not come with support from Dr. Jade Teta, the ME coaches or Metabolic Effect Doctors.

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