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"Can I ask you a question," She says with a look of frustration and annoyance. 

"Sure," I say bracing myself.

She then lets it all go.

"I have been working out with my personal trainer for 15 months. When I hired her, I told her I wanted to look fit and muscular, like an athlete. It has been over a year and I look no different. She says it's my diet, but my diet is probably better than hers."

"You know what else? When I look around the gym there are people who have been there for years who look exactly the same. I don't want that to be me."

"When I asked my trainer this same question? She said it just takes time. But isn't 12-months plenty of time? I don't get it! How can all that exercise not make a dent in the way I look? How come all these people look the same?"

"What is your opinion?" She asked.

I understood her frustration. I also knew my answer was going to add fuel to the fire. 

I said, "A good workout program should produce results within 8-12 weeks. Most workouts fail for a very simple reason - If you want to look like an athlete you need to eat and train like one."

She looked confused.

"Isn't that what I am doing?" She said.

I continued, "What does your trainer, and every other person who wants to change their body, do?"

She answered quickly, "We watch what we eat and exercise every day."

"Exactly," I said. "But athletes don't do that."

"They Don't?" She replied.

"No." I said.

I went on to explain that no athlete in his or her right mind would train for their sport while cutting calories. Athletes train hard but they eat a ton as well. They eat more to fuel performance and recover from exercise.

Athletes NEVER eat less. Not unless they want to look like crap and perform like garbage. 

Athletes function at the top-level and look great too. They accomplish that by exercising more and eating more. That is why they are so lean and muscular. Their exercise burns fat and breaks down muscle.

The extra food goes to repairing muscle and building more of it. The result is a physique that is lean, healthy, and muscular? It's the type of body everyone wants; the coveted athletic body.

"So," I said. "The secret to building a body that looks like an athlete, is to train like one and eat like one too."

Why You Are Here

If you are here on this page my guess is you are someone who is serious about fitness. But you are  probably frustrated too. If you were getting the results you wanted from your current workouts you would not be interested in a new workout system. Am I right?

Maybe you are just the average fitness junky looking for help. Perhaps you are a weightlifter or do Crossfit? Whatever your reason, you are here because you have a problem.

It is rarely mentioned, and often glossed over, by the workout gurus, health magazines, and fitness blogs, but you see evidence of it every time you set foot in the gym.

What's The Problem?

Most workouts suck at producing a body that looks athletic, muscular, and lean.

In fact, research tells us that 90% of the exercising public fails to achieve their goals of body change. And 66% of those who try end up injured or fatter several months later.

People workout because they want to look better, plain and simple. And yet the fitness industry fails miserably at helping people accomplish this.

Workouts on the market today do a terrible job at helping people accomplish their goals of looking lean and fit. 

I am going to help you understand why that is the case, and to illustrate, I want to tell you a story about some past clients...

They were a couple. They were not couch potatoes. In fact, they were pretty active and serious about health and fitness. Unlike most people, they loved to workout. 

They were also past athletes. She cheered in college and he played football.

Here is their story.......

Tim And Teri

Tim is 38 and Teri just turned 33.

Teri attends a yoga class, or two, each week. She often does a few spin classes as well.

Tim lifts weights three or four times per week and hits a spin class with Teri on rare occasions.

Both look fine. They are not fat by anyone's standards, but they also don't look like the lean, muscular athletes they once were.

Truth is, Tim would be happy if he lost a couple inches around his waist, tightened up his "man boobs," and got some definition back in his arms.

Teri is no heavier than she was in college, but she is feeling saggy (her words, not mine).  She would love to look tight and tone again, like she did when she cheered in college.

Time To Get Serious

Prior to coming to see me, they decided they were going to step up their game. Tim joined a group exercise center and Teri hired a personal trainer.

They each doubled down on their workout efforts putting in four to five workouts per week.  

Tim finds himself in a workout he is unaccustomed to. He is hurling light weights around at quick speeds.

One minute the workout has him slamming a ball on the ground, the next second he is swinging a gadget that looks like a cannonball with handles over his head.

Every once in awhile he pushes some heavy weighted barbells around, but mostly he is running back and forth non-stop. 

He seems to be constantly jumping off and on things. When he is not doing that he is trying to jump rope (or whipping himself as he explained to me). He is also doing a ton of rowing and running.

The workout gets him breathing hard and he definitely gets a good sweat going, but his body just does not feel the burn and strain his weightlifting used to deliver.

Her Workout

Teri's workout looks a lot different. Her workout consists of making her way slowly around the gym to various machines.

She isolates every area of her body.  

One minute she is doing an inner thigh thing.  Then she does an outer thigh thing.

Then she does a thing for the front of her arms and another for the back of her arms. She then does stuff to address her chest, back and legs.  

She jokingly told me that her trainer once had her do "pinky curls" just to make sure she hit every body part.

The Results

What do you think happened? Do you think they got any results? Not really!

Don't get me wrong, Tim did lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, he also lost some of the hard-won definition he had in his arms.

His waist measurement barely budged and his "man boobs" remained.

All that exercise and he felt no better. In fact, he was feeling exhausted, "hungry as a rhino," and started having constant cravings for sweets and other high calorie foods.

Teri faired even worse.  She actually gained some weight and added almost two inches to her legs.  Her jeans were now tighter in the thighs.

Her trainer told her it was muscle, and maybe it was, but that did not make Teri feel better.

If she was going to have bigger legs she wanted them to be more toned, unfortunately they just increased in size and had no more definition than when she started.

As she said to me, "If my jeans are going to end up being tighter, then I want it to be through the butt, not the thighs, and I want those areas to look better, not just bigger!!"

She also told me that her level of fitness declined.  

"My old workouts used to make me breathless," she said.  "These workouts literally felt like I barely breathed hard at all."

A Simple Intervention

By the time these two came to see me I had been working in the world of body change for over twenty years.  

I started personal training at the age of fifteen. Believe it or not, I would write off-season workout programs for the guys on my football team and even for some of their moms.

By the time I was in college getting my degree in biochemistry, I was personal training clients on the regular.

Later, when I attended medical school, personal training was one of the ways I supplemented my income.

After I finished my doctorate in functional medicine (a medical specialty where diet, exercise and natural remedies are prioritized over drugs), I continued to personal train.

I made fitness, specifically healthy body change, my life's work.  I say body change, because weight loss is not really what makes the body "look good."

Fat loss along with muscle gain is what does that.

By the time I started working with Teri and Tim, I had written a best-seller, and had my second book on the way. 

I had also already helped over a million people through my online infomercial and blockbuster workouts Metabolic Aftershock and Metabolic Prime.

I am not telling you all of this about me to brag. The knowledge I developed was VERY hard-won. I am embarrassed to admit it, but in the beginning, I had it all wrong.

Like most fit guys in their twenties I was a little full of myself, and more than a little ignorant coming up through the ranks. 

The reason I knew what needed to happen for Teri and Tim was that I had these past, hard-earned experiences— with clients yes— but more so with myself.  I will get to that story in just a second.

The point is I knew exactly what Teri and Tim needed and I went to work making the adjustments immediately.

Simple Changes, Big Results

I know it is tempting to think I did something complicated and "sciency" with Teri and Tim, but I didn't.

Well, maybe I did toss some science in the mix, but it was not that complicated.

I did three things:

I made two changes to their exercise regimes and then one tweak to their diet.

  • I moved Tim back to the heavily weighted workouts of his old routine but kept the quick pace of his new workouts. 
  • I had Teri adjust the weight training she was doing by ditching the isolation moves and dramatically shortening her rest periods. 
  • I gave them each a super-simple diet consisting of just 10 foods.

What may shock you is that I did not have them exercise more.  I kept their workout frequency the same.

I also did not give them any new-fangled, magical workout formula either. There were no "Bulgarian split-Tabatta, boo-boo intervals" ;-) .... or anything else like that.

Another surprising thing? The amount of time they spent doing each workout decreased.

In addition, I did not pull the whole "abs are made in the kitchen" thing on them either. 

Yes, diet is important, but no one wants to eat broccoli and chicken for the rest of their lives. They did not have to.

I will get into more of the changes in a minute, but the results were just what I expected.

After three months they each lost close to 5% body fat.  

Yes, even Teri, a woman (females are notoriously slower losers than men) saw this loss. 

As a matter of fact, she slightly edged Tim in her results.

Truth is, the workout system I gave them is particularly beneficial for women because it takes advantage of their natural ability to release large amounts of human growth hormone (HGH) from the right types of workouts.

Their weight on the scale did not change that much, but their body shape did.

Tim lost more than two inches in his waist and got his defined arms back.

Teri got her hourglass shape back, developed that nice leg crease that is the hallmark of a fit, female lower-body and developed a little bit of the booty she was wanting.


Their results were not jaw-dropping manufactured, infomercial befores and afters, but their friends and family all noticed a BIG difference.

They looked like a fit couple; the kind you see at the beach and on the hiking trails during the summer.

They were happy and I was happy for them.

My Story

Before I teach you more details of what I did with Teri and Tim, I want to show you my results as well. It's a little embarrassing, but I want you to know I have struggled too.

The first thing you should know about me is that I have been a lifter since the age of eleven.

I begged my father to let me lift with my two older brothers since I was seven years old.  He eventually relented and let me hit the weights by the time I turned eleven.

I stayed lean and fit right up until the age of 28 and then something pretty dramatic happened.

While I was a full-time medical student, I also worked weekends as a bartender and personal trainer.

Starting Friday nights, I would work until four o’clock in the morning. 

I would then sleep two hours and work a twelve-hour personal training shift all day Saturday before going back to the bar for another 4:00am bedtime.

I would rest as best I could and then go through a strenuous week of full-time classes before repeating that ferocious weekend schedule.

Have you ever had to get up after only an hour or two of sleep, or stay up all night studying several nights in a row?

Well, I can tell you it is painful to the bones.

And I was training too. Back then the super intense metabolic conditioning workouts like Crossfit were all the rage.

I attacked these workouts with gusto.

Damaged Metabolism

After living this schedule for nine months, suffering the debilitating fatigue and unrelenting hunger and cravings that ensued, I went from a lean 215 pounds to almost 250 pounds!

And most of this weight came on in a 3 month period!! And it happened while I was exercising!!

I also diagnosed myself with hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue and a severe vitamin D deficiency.

For a time after that, I got my shit together and started taking care of myself.

I dropped my Friday night bartending shift and did what I needed to do to get healthy and lean again.

Fast forward several years later and I was back to late nights, crazy hours and a hectic schedule trying to run a clinic, write a book, and build an online business. 

Before I knew it, I ballooned back up to 250 pounds and was feeling worse than ever.

I am not sure why I did not learn my lesson the first time, but this time, I just kept on working harder. 

I had been learning and researching all about the paleo diet and hardcore metabolic conditioning and my business was becoming famous for these workouts.

Thinking I could out exercise, and out eat the problem, I started dieting harder than ever and working out even more. Guess what happened?

NOTHING!! In fact, worse than nothing. I was feeling worse and if I let up on my hectic regime even a little bit I gained fat.

The Workout Boomerang

I was doing everything right and I could not really make a dent in my weight.

One of the most problematic things was that the approach I was taking eventually, always led to a binge of some sort.

As an example, I would get a burst of motivation (a welcome break from the mental fatigue and lethargy), and I would hit the gym hard!!

Then I would be completely wiped out and not be able to workout for days. My hunger and cravings also skyrocketed as a result.

It was like a boomerang.  The longer or more intense I worked out, the harder my metabolic boomerang would whip back against me.

After seeing this phenomena play out in patient after patient, I gave it a name. I have come to call this phenomenon “the workout boomerang!”

The lean body I once had was slipping further and further away the harder I tried.

I kept “eating clean” and I kept working out like crazy despite having little motivation and feeling like crap.

I went on thyroid medications and took a ton of supplements and herbs. None of it worked that well.

I could not lose the fat and the fatigue and brain fog were becoming unrelenting.

Have you ever felt so tired that it actually hurts?

Or slept an entire night and felt like you were half-conscious the entire time?

It is miserable right? Well, that was me.

The Solution Was Staring Me In The Face

What's funny is that by this point in my career I was known for getting people fitness results.  I had already worked with many individuals just like Tim and Teri.

For some reason I had a mental block to using this approach on myself.

I thought it did not apply to me.

I thought, “I am different. I am a fitness guy. I know the right workouts to do and these are them.  Besides, I love my workouts.”

Maybe you can relate? We humans are funny creatures aren’t we?

We have this incredible ability to be objective and logical when it comes to others, but when we are dealing with ourselves we can often become delusional and irrational.

Even though I had worked with many others, in devising smarter ways to exercise I convinced myself the solution did not apply to me.

Finally, I relented and instituted the plan. And like my other clients dealing with the same issue, the fat started coming off and the muscle started coming back.

I was able to reduce, and then get off my thyroid meds. And I lost weight!

My Workouts Started Working Again.

Check out my before and after pictures below. The first set was taken a year apart and the next set of three are the next 3 years in a row. 

I have been using the Metabolic 10 system almost exclusively this entire time. 

I am now 44 and I am in the best shape of my life.


So how do you start implementing this for yourself?

Well, I have the solution for you. The exact program I have used for myself and countless others.

But before I share it with you, let me tell you why it is so powerful and how I created it.

The 3 Don'ts of Exercise

The reason the Metabolic 10 system works so well is actually pretty simple.  It takes advantage of what we know about the hormonal effects of exercise.

You see, most people treat exercise like it is either a calorie-burning thing or a muscle-building thing.

What they don't realize is that exercise is a hormonal stimulus. The way you exercise determines which hormones are released.

Most people want to "look like they fit," right?  Well, to do that you need to burn fat while building, or at least maintaining, muscle.

The truth is, the body does not like to multitask. It either likes to be burning fat and muscle (catabolism).  Or, it likes to be building muscle and fat (anabolism).

In order to do both you need to approach exercise differently.

Don't Do #1: Breathless Workouts Only

This was the mistake Teri was making. 

She was programmed to thinking her workouts needed to make her hot and sweaty and get her breathless.

She thought if the workout was not doing this than she was not burning calories and would not get results.

There is some truth to this, but getting breathless and hot and sweaty is not enough. 

When you get breathless in a workout you release the hormone adrenaline along with cortisol.  These hormones will definitely help you burn some fat during the workout.

The problem is they will also cause loss of muscle if you're not careful.

The other issue is that cortisol is notorious for causing cravings for calorie-rich foods.

Many people do not realize their cardio habit is related to their cheesecake habit.

The body needs to have other hormones working for it to allow the benefits of adrenaline and cortisol to be accentuated while their detrimental effects are eliminated.

The hormones that do this are human growth hormone and testosterone. These hormones are released when you lift heavy weights and experience that muscle burn feeling.

Don't Do #2: Heavy Weights Only

This was Tim's problem.

He did not understand the Law of Metabolic Multitasking either. 

He thought all he had to do was eat protein and lift weights. 

Unlike Teri he did lift heavy and get his muscles burning, but he never got his body breathless or sweating.

He was getting the testosterone effect, but he was not getting the adrenaline and calorie-burning effect.

By pure chance Tim and Teri switched positions and started making the opposite mistakes.

Tim started out making mistake #2 and then he joined Crossfit and started making mistake #1

Teri was making mistake #1 and then she got a trainer and started making mistake #2

The change I made with them was essentially correcting both mistakes.  

Metabolic 10 got Teri the weight training she needed but elevated the calorie burn and adrenaline response at the same time.

Metabolic 10 got Tim elevating the adrenaline and breathless response while giving him the weightlifting stimulus that was already working for him.

For me the system did something entirely different.  For me, Metabolic 10 was enough, but not too much.

I was overdoing it with super-intense fitness-oriented programs.

The metabolism is sensitive to the stress of overtraining, and that was throwing my hormonal system out of whack.  That is why I kept pushing myself over the edge.

Metabolic 10 balanced this by giving me enough work, but not too much.

Don't Do #3: Circus Workouts

Perhaps you have heard some of the advice I mentioned above?

Maybe someone told you that you should combine weights and cardio?

Or maybe the solution is to "lift weights faster," meaning take shorter rests between sets.

These are not too far off from the truth.  In fact, this is great advice except for one thing; people turn these workouts into a circus act.

For some odd reason, people hear about mistake #1 and #2 above, and then try to correct them by throwing a bunch of random exercises together.

You'll see them jumping from one thing to the next with no rhyme or reason. 

One minute they are battling a big heavy rope on the ground. After that they quickly run over to a kettlebell and swing that a few times.  Then they jump up and down off of a box. There may be a sandbag or a sled thrown in too.

I mean why don't you dress like a clown and juggle some heavy clubs someone set on fire too! I kid of course ;-)

But seriously, if there is one secret to body change - it is simple, full-body movements repeated again and again and again. 

Muscle stimulation through increased volume (i.e. the same muscle doing a lot of work) and progressive overload (increasing that work each workout) is the trick.

If you want to change your body, you need to stop the circus workouts that are more about entertainment, and focus instead on the simple workouts that actually deliver results.

Don't Do #4 (The Bonus Factor): Food Fear

Nutrition today is more like politics and religion than science.

Teri and Tim were like most people. They had all these beliefs about foods that were good and foods that were bad.

They were pretty extreme.  To them "sugar was toxic." They thought "carbs caused cancer." They had a bunch of other "less than accurate" beliefs as well.

I understood completely. I empathized with them.

After all, how is the average person suppose to make sense of nutrition nowadays with all the gurus, blogs, magazines and books spouting all kinds of info?

I simply gave them a new perspective. 

I told them that nutrition is actually pretty simple.  Research shows that people eat the same 10 foods over and over again day in and day out.

That is the first insight they needed. They just needed a list of 10 highly nutritious foods that work for almost everyone.

The second major insight was that you can't eliminate the foods you love.  

If you love chocolate but make it off-limits, it is like saying don't think of a pink elephant. Of course that is all you are going to think of, aren't you?

Saying you are not going to eat chocolate, will completely avoid carbs or anything else like that actually makes you eat more of those very same things over the long-run.

The solution is to make sure one of your 10 foods is a food you love.

A food that satisfies your brain and takes the edge off. This way you can eat the foods that really work for you the rest of the time.

Complicating your diet will frustrate and confuse your ability to get results. 

I taught Tim and Teri to stop seeing food as the enemy. 

It is not about eating, or not eating, certain foods, but rather eating more of the foods that work for you.

Why It Works: The Bs & Hs, Overload 
& Progressive Resistance

There are three major reasons Metabolic 10 works better than anything else on the market to make you "look like you fit."

  • The Bs & Hs: breathless, burning, heavy & heat. Each workout generates the mechanical muscle strain and metabolic stimulation required to elicit the hormonal response that creates a muscular lean body. Adrenaline and cortisol combined with testosterone and HGH torch body fat and help maintain muscle. Each Met 10 workout delivers this response.

  • Muscle Overload: It is the amount of work a muscle does that determines how it will respond. In exercise research this is known as workout volume (i.e. sets X reps X weight). Metabolic 10 uses ten core moves to make sure each major body-part gets the overload required to grow and tighten.

  • Progressive Resistance: From workout to workout, week to week and month to month the body needs to be challenged with ever greater loads and demands. The workouts in Metabolic 10 are programmed using a push/pull methodology so that you can tax your muscles the correct way while also making the body stronger, less injury-prone, and aid faster recovery.

Time To Look Like An Athlete

Everywhere you turn you see hot body's on social media, TV, magazines, and blogs. They tell you to do this or that workout so you will get the body you want.

If you try these workouts, you end up getting minor results in areas that are of minor concern. 

Who wants to put all that effort into a workout program and not even look the part?

That is the problem. The workouts you are doing are NOT making you look good because they are missing the key elements I described above.

This is why I developed the Metabolic 10 system. Let me tell you a little about the program.

What Is Metabolic 10?

Metabolic 10, or Met10 for short, is a complete A to Z workout system. I did not want to leave anything out of this program. It literally has everything you need.

  • 10-Weeks of Workouts, 6 each week.
  • Instructional videos for each and every workout. 6 days a week for 12-weeks (10-weeks plus 2 weeks of testing).
  • High production, studio-quality videos
  • Guided workout adjustments in each and every workout
  • Choice cardio from running, rowing or calisthenics
  • Flexible enough to be done at home with dumbbells, in a gym or a Crossfit box 
  • Minimal equipment required. Each workout gives instructions on how to complete it with nothing but dumbbells and a chair.
  • Easy alternatives given for every exercise and workouts for those with injuries and limitations (infinitely scalable).
  • The exact weights to use with every exercise in every workout. No guessing.
  • Guided warm-up and cool-down videos.
  • A complete nutrition system utilizing the 10 foods for fat loss. You don't need to eat anything but these foods.
  • Personal online portal to access your workouts, record your scores and communicate with other participants.
  • And more..........

Metabolic 10 uses metabolic conditioning, a workout system that merges weights and cardiovascular training by reducing the rest between sets.

It is unique in that it does this with simple push and pull movements to keep you safe and amplify results.

The system is utterly unique because it uses a concept I developed through my years of personal training called Rest-Based Training (RBT for short).

RBT allows exercisers of all fitness levels to participate safely because they can rest whenever they need to before resuming the workout.

RBT elevates the workout intensity while making the workout safer at the same time.

If you have never done this style of training all you need to remember is the phrase "push until you can't, rest until you can."

The program uses mixed implements in the training (think kettlebells, Med balls, dumbbells, running, rowing and barbells).

However, it also makes things super simple by showing you how to complete each and every workout with nothing but dumbbells, your body, and a chair or bench.

The system is built off 10 moves and 10 foods with the goal of building a body that "looks like it's fit."

This program is not about winning a fitness race, it's about building a better looking, more functional and fit body.

Who is Metabolic 10 For?

  • Intermediate to advanced exercisers who want to be pushed to the next level in body change
  • Those wanting to accelerate fat loss
  • Those who don't want to think about their workouts but want to see measurable progress.
  • Weightlifters who have ever wanted to try Crossfit style workouts
  • Crossfitters who want a little more muscle growth from their workouts.
  • Lifters and runners both will find something familiar and something new in this system.
  • Anyone wanting a more fit-looking, functional and healthy body
  • Anyone tired of the confusion in diet and exercise. Metabolic 10 gets back to the basics while also delivering the most cutting-edge training tools
  • Those wanting increased muscle mass, definition or tone

What Equipment Is Needed?

While a fully equipped gym would be great, each workout is regressed to the least common denominator. 

All that is really required is a set of dumbbells, your body, and a chair.

Get Started With Metabolic 10

I know you're probably eager to get started and want to know how much the program will cost.

This is where you are going to fall in love with me because the cost of this program is nowhere near what it used to run.

I remember when I was delivering these types of 12-week programs in person. We would run 5 workouts a week and each workout was twenty dollars.

For a 3-month program, you do the math.

12 weeks multiplied by 5 workouts a week is 60 workouts.  

Now multiply 60 by twenty dollars per workout and you are talking $100 per week, $400 per month and $1200 for the entire program.

Given technology today, the internet allows me to deliver my expertise to you at a fraction of the cost.

You are definitely not going to have to pay $1200.

You wont even pay $400, which actually would be a steal for a 3-month in-depth program like this.

The cost of Metabolic 10 is just one single payment of $99.97! That is essentially less than the cost of one week doing things in person.


1 Single Payment of


But look, you don't even have to commit to the program fully right now. I am actually going to let you try the entire system for thirty days; a full month. 

If you don't like it all you need to do is contact me prior to thirty days and my staff will give you a full, no questions asked refund.

I realize buying programs like this can sometimes be a little anxiety-producing. After all, you have not even seen the program yet.

That is why I am doing this. I want you to trust that I am here to help you, not sell you.

These are the kinds of deals I like, a win-win among friends.

Time To Do Something Different

At this point you have a choice.  You can keep doing the same old, tired, and ineffective workouts and get the exact same frustrating results, or you can try something new.

Look, things out there are not going to change.  You are still going to be getting new workouts, diets and systems pitched to you all day, every day.

You will continue to hear the same song and dance marketing.

But you know as well as I do, you cant keep doing the same things and expect different results.

Metabolic 10 is a chance for you to do something different.  Something that works. Something that can get you out of your workout rut and generate results again.

This program will finally get you the fit body you have been trying to develop. 

Metabolic 10 will make you "look like you fit."

Thanks for hanging out with me. I can't wait to see you on the inside of the program.

Oh, and before you is a little sample workout directly out of the program for you.... so you can get an idea of how the program is delivered.  

This is one of my favorite workouts, its called Neo.  CLICK HERE FOR NEO

See you inside Metabolic 10........once you make your purchase you will get all the details on how to access the system.  Any questions?  Don't hesitate to email me at [email protected].

Sincerely, Dr. Jade Teta










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